‘N Sync reunion? Yeah right. Lance Bass wishes.

At the American Music Awards Sunday night, Lance Bass discussed an ‘N Sync reunion (among hype of the Backstreet Boys/New Kids on the Block tour).

“I don’t see it in the cards because Justin (Timberlake) is very busy with his film career. When his schedule slows down, I’d love to do it.  I love being on stage,” Bass said.


That’s precisely what JT ponders about while stroking his six Grammys and two Emmys nightly.

Not only has the successful singer made a genius foray into comedy – with stints on Saturday Night Live, bits with Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island and film roles – he has also delved into dramatic acting.

There is one thing that could possibly sway the boy back to his blond-tipped band roots: Bringing ‘fro back.

What? Them other boys don’t know how to act. (“Sexy Back.” No? Crickets?)

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